Welcome to cexiopy

cexiopy is a simple Python library for the CEX.IO API.

It proved easy and concise functions for interaction with the API along with handy functionalities like validation and readability. A quick look:

>>> import cexio
>>> from cexio.helpers import Currency as CC

>>> pair = [CC.bitcoin, CC.namecoin]
>>> cexio.ticker(pair)

{u'ask': u'0.0063799900000000003',
 u'bid': u'0.0062500000000000003',
 u'high': u'0.0068',
 u'last': u'0.00638',
 u'low': u'0.00601',
 u'timestamp': u'1387221147',
 u'volume': u'4631.51808087'}


CEX.IO is not affiliated with this project; this is a completely independent implementation based on the API description. Use at your own risk.


Install from Bitbucket:

$ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/vidul/cexiopy
$ cd cexiopy && python setup.py install


cexiopy is licensed under the MIT license.

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